Literacy Narrative

Looking for writing resource in everyday life

Writing essays used to be a difficult task for me, because good essay needs to have clear reasons to support its thesis. However, I struggled with giving enough personal experience and quotes to make the essays more convincing. I’m still a student and my life circle is too small to have a variety of special experience that can be mentioned in the essays. So while writing, it takes me plenty of time to find appropriate examples to support the thesis. Also I don’t have much free time to read books and therefore thinking about the quotation resources is another struggle for me. Things had changed after my desk mate introduced me the Google search tool. With the Internet, I saved much time in finding appropriate resources, and began to notice meaningful moments in everyday life.

When I started to write argumentative essays in high school, finishing writing a paper took me about 6 hours while my desk mate only needed one to two hours to finish an essay. Moreover, her essays, which had strong arguments and valid supporters, often became the excellent models of composition that were held up by the teacher in class. Though I spent much more time writing than she did, my essays always had boring examples and were not convincing at all.

I was eager to improve my writing skills, so I asked my desk mate for help. “ Tong, how can you find so many vivid experience and valid quotes for your essays? You must join many extracurricular activities and read many books after class!” I asked her. She smiled, and then said, “ Of course not, I don’t have enough time to read so many books but I have useful search tool.” She opened up on her laptop and showed me how to get resources for the essays, “ For example, we are now writing the essay about Internet safety. You can type the key words in the search blank and the web page will show you millions of correlative information. You can cite or quote useful ones that can support your essay arguments from them. Or sometimes you can also get inspiration from the pieces of information.” I was really thankful that Tong could share her trick of finding resource with me. I tried Google search tool after she told me, and the useful tool helped me a lot in writing. Her introduction was a turning point in my writing life.

Tong’s words opened the door for my writing. Before using the search tool, the resources that I used in my writing were all from my memory. All the examples were from my personal experience and all the citations were from the books I had read before. Sometimes, I didn’t remember the exact sentences in the books and then I need to read through the books quickly one more time to find the paragraphs. Now with search tool, I can easily find the materials related to my essay.

The Google search tool helps a lot in writing, especially in research paper writing. When I took the ENG course, the professor asked us to finish a paper about hybrid cars. I had no idea of what the hybrid car is. Then I used the Google search tool for help. I typed the words “hybrid cars” in the search blank. The web page showed all the information related to the key words. After reading several articles and looking through the pictures, I understand what the hybrid car is and how it works. Everything became easier then. With the information, I only need to think about the arguments of my paper, and organize the citations to support my arguments. Before using the tool, I always spent several hours looking for related information. But now, the search tool can show me all the information in one second. It saves me a lot of time and provides me with ample resources. In other words, the Google search tool helps me improve my writing efficiency and richen the writing content.

Besides offering me writing resource, the Google search tool changed my attitude towards everyday life. I used to think my life was boring and there was no experience worth to mention in my essay, because every example cited in the paper must be interesting and unusual. After learning to use the search tool, I changed my mind. There are still many unordinary moments in ordinary lives. For my “Children should live with their parents” paper, I searched for some famous people’s experience to support my argument. I found one moving story on a web page. The author played computer games at home one day and suddenly there was no electricity. The writer had nothing to do so he went to his mother’s room to chat with her. His mother was looking through an album collection of his old photos. They started to chat about the old times and his mother also told him some funny things happened to the author when he was little. The moment was so valuable that it was the treasure of the family. I was touched by the writer’s story. At the same time, I found that I also had a similar experience with my family members but I never noticed that it could become one part of my essay.

After the matter, I tried to look for some writing resources from my own routine life. Once I was asked to write an article about a learning experience. I used the search tool as usual, and then I saw some dishes pictures from the web page. It suddenly stuck me that what I can write in my article. My mother makes dishes every day for our family. I can learn how to cook a dish from her and record the process in my article. I didn’t imagine that the routine life – the dish that my mother cooks every day – could become the material of my writing. A famous novel writer said that all the plots in her novels are from ordinary lives and her work is to associate them together in her novel. Life is the lavish land of our writing. I didn’t notice how much plentiful materials life provides before. With the Internet, I found my life is full of writing resource.

Thinking about the past time, I really hated writing because I had nothing to write. After Tong shared the Google search tool with me, I found that the search tool and the Internet provide easier way for me to write. I don’t need to worry about how to find an appropriate example or citation any more, and then I can spare more time to think about the thesis and arguments for my essay, which are the most important parts of an essay. Moreover, I find that my attitude towards the world has changed positively since I knew the tool. I am willing to pay more attention to the small things that happened around me, and don’t think my life is boring any more.


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