Cover Letter

Dear Portfolio Reviewers,

When I was asked that what I had learned from the UWP1Y this quarter, I found it was hard to answer in several sentences because I learned so much from the class.

I used to think that others’ reviews were useless because they didn’t know what I was going to tell in my essays. But from this class, I realized the importance of peer review. For the literacy narrate paper, I shared my personal experience in the paper. I thought that I recorded the stories vividly and every sentence of my article was easy to understand. However, during the peer review, the reviewers pointed out many points that they didn’t understand. Their comments made me to re-think of the words and sentences. The matters were happened to me so I could understand the sentences easily. And the sentences were written by myself, so it seemed to me that all of them are reasonable. But the audience didn’t have the experience. They could get the information about the examples only from the reading, not the memory. The peers are the first audience of my article, they can tell me the content that they are confused about. According to their comments, I can explain the intelligible parts more when I revise my paper. In other words, the peers’ advices help me to make my article more understandable.

And for the fourth paper, I wrote about the difference of the exigence between the genres in the third paragraph of my first draft. After the peer review, the two classmates both found that the examples of that paragraph didn’t match the argument well. One classmate also pointed that exgience is the circumstance or condition that invites a response but that paragraph mainly talked about the difference between purposes. I re-read the draft and found they were right. Then I adjusted the argument of that paragraph as they suggested. Also, one of the reviewers left the comment that I should combine the first and the second paragraph; otherwise, audience would feel confused about the thesis. I tried to combine the two paragraphs into one and found that the new introduction is much clearer. I’m still a learner and sometimes I may misunderstand some concepts. From the peer review, the classmates can correct my mistakes and provide me with some ways to improve my papers. Since peer review is valuable for my writing improvement, I will spend more time reading others’ reviews and revising my papers based on peers’ advices for my future writing.

Furthermore, I started to consider about the audience while writing. I used to think writing is the way to express personal thinking and motion, but from this class, I learned to write for the audience. For the problem paper, we are asked to write a letter. We should choose the audience for our papers, record the problems that they are facing, and provide effective solutions. For the writings before, I always recorded the problems happened to myself or to the third person. But for this one, I needed to write about the problems of the audience. When I wrote the first draft, I couldn’t help using “students” instead of “you”. (Students are the audience of my letter) To avoid this kind of mistake, I reminded myself that the essay is written for audience every time before I wrote a sentence. This is my first attempt at writing for particular audience and the process was hard for me. I may practice this more through writing letters to others.

The most impressive experience this quarter is the writing process of the rhetorical analysis article. Looking for appropriate resources was the most difficult part for me. I took about one hour and a half to find the source for my article. The popular articles are all interesting. But when I opened the web page of the academic researches, I said silently, “I can hardly understand what it is talking about. I don’t want to write about this!” and then looked for a new one. Finally, I choose Kerlin’s article as the popular article source. The academic article on the link page is still hard to understand, but the organization is clear. So I can get the general idea easily. When I finished the comparing chart of the two articles, things seemed a bit easier. I only need to pick three or four differences from the chart and use the two articles I selected to support my opinion.

With the guidance of the professor, the help of the classmates, and the tutoring of the tutors in SASC, my writing ability has improved significantly during the quarter. Also, I made a lot of effort to the class. Take the last the article as an example. I revised the paper for five times. From the changes of the revision papers, I can see my great improvement. I believe that if I keep writing, I will be a better writer in the future.


Fan Gu